Que Bueno

Well, we were editing until 5:30 PM and you would hardly notice it from the show at 6.
We did miss putting car sounds on one of the segments.
Did anyone notice?

Who can figure out the ‘4 or 5 clues’ that is itself a clue?

Many thanks to birthday-women-who-is-powerful-beyond-measure Ren for board oping and so nicely decorating the KBOO premier of ‘Mo is Shy’.

Bless you Jason for stopping by the BOO, even if we don’t believe in that sort of thing.

Feynman was called the MVP of the Manhattan project and Ross is MVP of Mo is Shy.

Thank you Mr Renaud and Ms White for kind support and frank advise.

It was too good, it was way too good.


1:56 @ 2 AM

Ross and I were at it until 2 this morning and it is a playable 1 hour and 56 minutes.

Next we will add background sounds and a bit of music.

Manana, she is good enough.

Double Happiness Listening Session

Ross had knocked together the first 90 minutes of the trial and we held a listening session.

Several of the voice actors attended and heard other parts for the first time.

The judge and other parts were recorded separately
and the editing maintains a high sense of realism.

Given the various microphones and paper noises in King’s court and KBOO’s studio 2,
editing is an a exercise in doing nothin.

The listening session was a great night with new perspectives all around.

Highlights for me were two:
an eye-witness to the trial said that listening to ‘Mo is Shy’ is like deja vu;
a first-time listener shushed everyone and drew nearer to the radio.

Thank you Mary, Thank you Anne

Conch to the Rescue

Long time KBOO volunteer Conch stepped in to read the part of FBI Agent Marino.

Mary (a daily trial witness) and her friends Ben and Anne happened to be at the BOO and sat in on the session.

I had to avert my eyes while he was reading.

Thanks Conch.

Busy Busy

Oh my, busy busy.

I noticed a few missing ‘objection’s from Mr Bishop and I hope to catch Ken after the news tomorrow.

The editing has move to multi-track mode and into Ross’s folder.

We had a sound check this evening with Rolf and Ms White.

We picked out and mixed up background sounds for the court, the hotel and other scenes.

Ms White frowned a little at one of the voicings.

It was fun.

Thanks Rolf, Thanks Ross and Thank you, Ms White.